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Hey, Shelley here...

Just a girl with a dream. J/K, that's so not me. I'm a doer, I get a crazy idea that I can't let go of and I make it happen, or at least I try. I have stories to tell and people to encourage and I'm here to help you live your best life. I'm not a coach, but I'll help you - if you want to help yourself. I believe the Universe listens and delivers, I believe in generosity and I believe in happy.

Here's what I am, I am a worker bee, a writer, an author, an editor, a copywriter, a hotelier, an event promoter, a marketing pro, an accountant, a skincare professional, an entrepreneur.

Here's what I'm not, I'm not a fashionista, an influencer, a banker, a decor professional, an imposter (that one's for me...hello, imposter syndrome). I think integrity is classy, I live my life out loud and think if you want a change, you can effect that change.

Most of all, I'm a girl (in the mature sense of the word) who loves to teach and try new things. If you are curious about life, follow me down the rabbit hole and let's learn new things. On occasion I will inspire you, but I don't motivate well. I do. So, let's get doing.

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