Are you ready to put heads in beds?

Owning a vacation rental home is awesome, but only if you've got it booked. If Spring and Summer bookings left you empty, maybe you're not listed where you need to be? There are so many choices, and none are wrong - you just might need more!

Everyone shops for housing differently, don't miss out by not being where your guests are looking. List locally, on your website, on VRBO, and AirBnb. The more places you're out there, the more likely you'll be found.

My name is Shelley, and I am an AirBnb Ambassador and SuperHost. Let me help you get that listing perfected so you can earn more from your real estate investment. Once we get AirBnb set up, you can take that same info and apply it to all your other sites.

Throw your email down below for some help in getting started. You'll get my list of "Top Ten Amenities Guests are Looking For" right away, followed by a personal invitation to coach you through your AirBnb listing (at no cost to you!)

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